A loyal son of Roaring Twenties Manchester, Kenneth Frank Gardner was destined to roar into life as Kenny Franks in modern-day Sydney.

He was a hard-working, humble man who lived for life’s simple pleasures – whisky and engines. And he had some decent principles, too.


Just as Kenneth believed in living on the smell of an oily rag, we've developed a few fresh ideas of our own.

We believe in transparency.

We believe in styling clothes for a reason, not a season.

We believe in the magic of a bygone era where material goods are treasured, not trashed.

We understand the effort and resource that goes into creating an item of clothing, and we don't take that knowledge lightly.



Charity is never sexy.

It’s for the outlaws. The ones who dare to care. The one percenters.

And just as Kenny loved putting pedal to metal, we’re putting money to mouth – accelerating our philanthropy with a commitment to donate 5% of our profits to making the world a better place.

It’s about bringing dollars and doers together for the greater good.

It’s in every fibre of our being.



For years we partook in the careless consumption of clothing. Often opting for quantity over quality and quickly relegating half our wardrobe to the unforgiving bottom drawer – only to be pulled out again for the annual visit to the Op Shop.

Adopting a ‘less but better’ mantra, Kenny Franks focuses on quality garments using low volume processes.

It’s been one hell of a ride so far and we’re just getting started. Your support keeps the wheels turning and we are grateful for every single one of you! 

Fair Trade certified. All of our organic cotton products are organic cotton certified.